Buying 5 BlackHatWorld signatures

ok.. I understand that the price may be a bit more expensive than for warriorforum sigs (at bhw you have to have paid membership plan to be able to display a signature), but still - would like to buy 3-5 bhw sigs from clean and good users.

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    hmm.. it looks like to you have to be at least Jr VIP even to buy sigs :/
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  • To be honest, since I've been trying my hand at trying to get an account on BlackHatWorld going to sell other freelance services I run, I'd be willing to run a signature for a long while for anyone that bought my Jr VIP tag. But that's just me. Maybe you can do the same with some other people.
  • Anything SEO or Blackhat related is going to be pricey. Those forums are built on manipulating people and the the market.
  • @Britanica in this case we are talking about the internet marketing community that is more active, technically more advanced, better coders and just more loyal to each other than Warrior Forum (in my opinion). But the main problem with blackhatworld (where 75% of members claim that they do only white-hat seo) are pricey memberships :/ .. and there isn't a lifetime membership package, just $99 packages that you have to renew every year.

    I really love bhw, most guys there are great and I have even attended bhw xmas party in London (or maybe even 2 of them), but I don't want to be pushed into $100 for something that will disappear after a year (although could afford that).

    but as said - that is only my opinion.


    p.s. btw, yesterday I posted 2 similar copy/paste posts in both bhw and wf >> within 15 min my thread at wf had still only 1 view, and from the other side I had 5 genuine and high quality comments at bhw.
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  • I think BHW is a great place to advertise. I have not tried to buy signatures there, but it has a lot of very targetd traffic and I think the price is worthy if you are in the niche.
  • :/ just got banned for 30 days for offending moderators, who decided they can edit and modify my posts there :/ .. combination of strict, stupid censorship and young mods is destroying all the fun to be there (at least for me).
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