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What are other online marketing ideas to earn extra income?

Other than selling signatures of course. What are other ways to do this? For say someone who is a stay at home mom who has limited time.


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  • It all boils down to what you’re good at. That’s what you should be doing to make money. Too many people go where they think the money is. Instead, go with what you like to do and are good at.
  • I had a Facebook group for a year and was able to get over 10,000 members. I was able to sell this and get quite a bit for it. It takes time but it's definitely worth the effort put into it.
  • @helmuc - Well, I sold it for a few hundred I believe to a friend because I knew I could trust him and didn't want to sell it for wild amounts since it was a friend. It covered the sport niche.
  • What sort of skill sets do you have? Can you write? Are you good with computers? Can you draw? Can you make connections, or good with making websites?

    After taking stock of what you can do well, then you can start to figure out other ways of making money other than forum linking.
  • Write articles. This is one way that I earn extra money. I have been writing for a few years now to earn some extra cash for my family.
  • .. become a virtual assistant - you will learn very quickly, make new friends and business contacts and the online world will ask you to solve their problems (if you can solve them).
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  • @Britanica ohh.. absolutely forgot - FaceBook groups!! you can sell advertising spot where the header is placed and even can sell the group if it is very niche specific and has got some decent number of members.


    p.s. I have 2 active fb groups where one has got 3.7k members (1 year old group), and 2nd one is newer one, but already has 750+ members (it is growing very, very fast).. and besides them have had more than 10-20 groups that never pulled off :)
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  • .. talking about FB groups - I just created a FB group for buying/selling forum signatures for those who prefer to do business at FB:
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  • Helmuc, I like your idea about facebook groups! This would be an excellent way to earn a bit of extra money.
  • yes, they can be very, very profitable as well + you will establish yourself as an authority in that particular niche.
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  • The Facebook group idea is something I have never heard of surprisingly...

    It does sound like a good way to make money if the audience is there.

    I have made extra money through blogging both on my own blog and as a guest blogger on others. This way is pretty well known but can fetch some extra money if you work hard (like anything else).

    I also currently have my own VPS that I have for my own websites. I prefer to have the VPS as opposed to shared because of speed, with it being a business website that I run - excellent load times are important to me. I have a great amount of extra space that I have rented out to others for a cheap price. Not only do these others have a VPS that their website is hosted at, but it is at a fraction of the cost they would normally pay and I am receiving some extra money along the way.
  • @BradRhow much did you sell it for and which niche did it cover?
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  • @BradR .. hmm.. that's very cheap, but for sure we don't want to rip off our friends :) how big is the group now?
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