Does anyone blog?

I have a blog myself and it is like a year and a half old. I am working on marketing it better to up the views. Just curious to see if anyone else blogs.


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  • I'm actually debating on making a blog to be honest. I do some fairly interesting things, I like to think, that I can blog about and keep it going. Mostly doing with investing money, art, and music and the like. Nothing too serious, or cool, but maybe starting out in a niche that fits my interest and learning to do it well and how to market it.
  • I write for other blogs. I like to write but do not feel like I have enough time to dedicate to my own blog. Maybe someday I will though....
  • @Britanica what is the url for your blog?
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  • I used to have blogs in the past. I no longer have them. I’ve thought about starting back up again. I just don’t have time right now. I barely have enough time for all the work that I need to do now.
  • I have done but no longer do. I used to own a gaming blog and had it for over 2 years though due to a lack of time, I decided to sell it but it was fun while it lasted. Planning to open a new website in the coming future.
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