Make money with forum signatures ?

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Now you have to sell the 4 forum signatures and the best place for this purpose is the buy sell signature link of DP itself


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  • Here is a simple trick to make money with forum signatures. This a simple method and does not involve any investment and is guaranteed to give good return. Here are the details:

    1) Make an account on DP. Most of you might already be having an account on that forum so you can work with it also. You have to build posts gradually on the forum. Suppose, you spread the campaign to a month interval and make a total of 3000-4000 posts in a month. It will take about 20-30 hours in total depending on how fast you understand a thread and type your response.

    2) Now you have an account with 4000 posts. Buy the premium membership (It is optional). That will cost $20 but will give you a total of 4 signatures. Also the signature links for premium members is do follow.

    3) Now you have to sell the 4 forum signatures and the best place for this purpose is the buy sell signature link of DP itself. With 4000 posts you can sell one signature for $30 a month or $360 for an year. For four signatures it will give #360*4= $ 1440 an year. So with 30 hours of work you make this amount and it corresponds to about $80 for an hour. You can sell for higher prices also and again these signature are with you for lifetime. So you can keep selling for years.

    4) Now you can easily upscale this method by making more profiles on other popular webmaster, hosting forums. From my experience, links on hosting forum sell the best. If you do not have time for posting so much, you can hire a poster for this purpose.

    A bonus tip: You can make a lot of money through affiliate links used in signatures while building the profile. And yes even the avatar on a DP profile with 4000 posts can easily sell for $60-$100 an year. There are a number of twists to this method as well which you need to figure out with your experience.

    Still have questions. Post them below and I will help.
  • Find forums that you'd like to target businesses within the genre of. For instance, if you'd like to sell forum signatures to pet supply businesses- then you'll want to sign up on pet-oriented forums and begin making posts. Once you've established yourself as a quality member and have added a lot of well-viewed content to the site, you can easily sell your signature. Like the last member mentioned- the more posts you have, the better. 4,000 posts is quite a few posts, but at that point you are well established which means that you are much more likely to sell a signature ad.
  • @awonderingdawn that is a very good point. You do want to make sure that you are marketing to the right people. You can't try to sell your signature if you want to market to video games on a movie forum. It just wouldn't work. Also, making sure that the place you are marketing to has a lot of traffic is another thing to watch out for. That's another very important aspect of making sure that you will get paid more.
    Hello everyone!
  • I'm not going to lie. I'm not very good with forum selling compared to my other freelance work of writing, art, and stuff. Im actually kind of a noob compared to a lot of other people, and have only had mild successes. So I'm going to be following Arifulislam for sure.

    @Arifulislam +1 for you buddy.
  • I do feel like this is great option to make some extra money. I like the idea of doing this on Digital point. I may have to think about creating an account on there just to do this.
  • Excellent guide, but sometimes is hard to build account that way. Most of your post would be quality commens to offer some value, but is a great ideas.
    I used to use my signature to get traffic to other site and really works, you have to be in the right niche.
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