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What's this all about?

helmuchelmuc UKPosts: 112
You may be asking yourself, "what's this all about?"

Well, I'm gonna tell you what it's all about.

More and more people are selling links in their signatures that they use on various forums. What that means is, if you buy a spot in somebody's signature, and that person is active on a great many forums, and posts a whole lot, your link will be seen by a large number of people. And the people who see that link may click on it, and you'll get new visitors to your site.

The problem is that I haven't seen very many places where the people who are looking to sell their signatures can hook up with people who are looking to buy signature space. So that's what this place is about, a place for the buyers and sellers to get together!

So have at it, if you've got some space in your signature you'd like to sell, place an ad for it. Or if you're looking to buy space, place an ad for that!
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  • This is unusual to get two hits in the same day – but this is likely... you to go to your home after making an agreement. This may work like this
  • Signature links are a great place to advertise what you need to. If the signature space gets lots of traffic then you could really make some decent money off this.
  • I agree with @angie it's great because you can get so much traffic to your blog if there is good traffic on the forum. I do think that if you're trying to get your website off the ground it's a great thing to try out.
    Hello everyone!
  • Honestly, signature links work a lot. It makes sense. You post a lot on something, lets say some certain niche, and you sell a product that fits in that niche, then it only makes sense really you'd want to sell a product on an active forum going to generate traffic.
  • @Sellerman05 well said.

    .. as for me - I'm renting one sig that brings in 10-30 very targeted niche visitors a month, but my brand is in the front of the eyeballs of thousands of active members in that niche I'm targeting :)
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  • I was a part owner of a large wrestling forum. I used to advertise my Esty shop on there and I had people interested from all around the world.
  • @Britanica ha! wrestling forum? what was the address (url)? #curious
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  • It's a nice idea and I can't wait to see this site explode. Honestly, selling signature space is becoming bigger and bigger because people want to advertise their sites in users signatures.
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