I won an item, but no longer want to buy it. What should I do?

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A bid or commitment to buy on eBay is considered a contract and you're obligated to purchase the item. However, if you feel that you have a legitimate reason for not buying the item, you can contact the seller and explain your situation.

Many sellers are willing to work with you if you communicate with them openly and honestly. If you haven't done so already, contact the seller through the listing in My Purchase history, explain the situation, and see if the seller is willing to cancel the transaction.

If the seller doesn't agree to the cancel the transaction and you don't pay for the item, an unpaid item may be recorded on your account. If you get too many unpaid items recorded on your account, your account may be limited or suspended.


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  • This is why I'm always careful of what I buy. I literally do not impulse buy on ebay. If I have money that I can spend, then I set a limit to what I purchase. It saves me a lot of headaches, and I get to control my income that way. So far, so good. Have never had an incident.
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    what did you buy? a link, domain or forum profile?
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  • I'm sure that if you tell them what is going on, they will be accepting. Most of the people on there are pretty nice on there. I know that you won it, but you don't always have to accept those things. I'm sure that if you are very nice, they will gladly be okay.
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  • I used to do a lot of on eBay as a seller, it was actually a total side income for a period of time. I have had some that decided they didn't want an item or simply never paid for the item they won and I was forced to open a case to collect my fees.

    As Danidavidson said, most sellers are understanding and willing to work with you. Just contact the seller, explain the situation, and see what can be arranged.
  • Yeah, I mean a lot of people are able to make good money off eBay selling. I"m sure though most of these people will be understanding and get that you don't want it anymore. I think that while they may be a little upset, if you have a good reason they will understand. Sometimes things change, so they have to understand that.
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  • @Sellerman05 :D :D 50% of my purchases on ebay are impulse buys :) .. they really know how to convert the visitors into buyers.
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  • I use separate accounts for bidding and buying. This way, if I bid on something, and get penalized for whatever reason, my main account won't hurt from it. I don't bid often though.
  • I sell a lot of toys around the holidays that I find are the "hottest toys of "insert year here"". I had one user contact me that won an auction claiming that there 8 year old bought the item and they would like to receive a refund and cancel the transaction.

    While I don't know if I entirely believe them, I didn't mind because when I relisted the item I actually got more for it then I would have originally.
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