what is the best place for buying forum-signature-links?

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Buying forum signature links is almost always frowned upon. At least, that is usually the case. You may be able to purchase links and ads on various forums though. I would definitely check out the market place here.


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  • I think that this is a great place to find someone who is willing to give some space on their signature. I mean obviously, since it's a forum for that. I didn't know that it was frowned upon though. I could see why it would be, but really it's your space to do with what you want.
    Hello everyone!
  • Personally, I agree with Dani Davidson. This site is ideal. It's made of a group of people who realize the business side of signatures and are willing to take advantage of it in a mature way. I'd be careful advertising too loudly in other places, but I've always felt very welcome and comfortable on this forum.
  • You want to find like minded people who want the same thing you do. You are in the right place. :)
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