Agencies sell more insurance with e-signatures ...

Norton Insurance and HN Insurance share how they are closing deals anywhere in the world in minutes with e-signatures.


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  • I would think that this would be a great thing to use. I am sure that it is really a lot faster, as e-signatures can come in quite handy.
  • I'm sure that more people like it just because of how fast it is. That is why more people are starting to use them. All people look for today is making sure that they don't have to spend a ton of time doing the things that they don't like. So making e-signatures are just easier for people.
    Hello everyone!
  • I don't know. Call me old fashioned, but I've always been worried that my e-signature can be replicated without my knowledge and used against me. I like the idea of my actual signature being on documents, especially with insurances and everything. Granted, I need to use an e-signature for college reasons, which I always still feel is a little iffy.
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