how much?

Interesting concept. Selling advertising on other people's websites. :)

Just out of curiosity: how much could I charge for a signature on a forum where I have 200+ posts?
buying forum profiles with 1k+ posts - pm me here


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  • hi @nonin

    it looks like that people are trying to get around $10-20/month for a signature on forums where they have 1,000-5,000 posts. But even based on that, you can easily sell your sig for $5-10/month.

    .. testing signature feature for - work in progress :)
  • I think it must depend on how much traffic the website gets?
  • The answer depends on the definition of success. Different websites will obviously have different goals; for example, a small business site would not measure itself against the traffic of — it would aim for the maximum realistic traffic that a small business site can hope for. In addition, a website with low traffic can make more money than a "large" website if its visitors are leveraged well.
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  • @fullbeans have you ever sold or bought a forum signature as well? .. I am paying $200/year to an active member who has 15k+ posts
    .. testing signature feature for - work in progress :)
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