How important is it that your services be easy to sell?

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Regardless of the type of service you sell, your prospect carries a high degree of risk and worry when buying. They really don't know what they'll get from you until after they spend their money and actually experience the service. During the sales process, all their buying is a promise that you'll do something for them.


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  • You need to build rep off of those who you market to. A lot of people struggle with sales across all boards because they don't understand that you have to value each customer as an individual and offer what you promise. It doesn't hurt to give a bit extra either.
  • This is very important. Without your customers, you will have nothing so you really do need to treat them good.
  • Starting out with a lower price is the best way to gain exposure and get reviews. Offer your services at the lowest possible price, and once you've established yourself as a quality reputable seller you can build your prices up to a higher level. It's all about creating a good customer base and building up positive feedback. Once you've gotten good feedback, people are going to trust buying your service based on other's experiences.
  • I've actually done what awonderingdawn has mentioned.

    Starting off, it's pretty hard to get new people to come to you, because as you've said OP, when people buy your services they're buying it basically on a promise. A promise that you'll do well, and do everything you've said you'll promised.

    However, if you start off with to high of a price, but nothing to back you up on that, you risk alienating people who want your services, but with a guarantee of service. By having lowered prices, you'll bring in customers who want to use you, either because higher priced people are more busy, or because they're just cheaper in general. Not only will this give you the necessary samples of previous work, and exposure and feedback, but even garner you repeat customers who enjoyed the work you've done and won't mind paying a bit of extra later on when you increase your prices. (I actually keep my prices locked for repeat customers I've a good reputation with who helped me start out).

  • Locking in the customer can be a big challenge, especially when you are just starting out. So many markets are saturated, if the customer doesn't feel comfortable with you then they will go somewhere else and you will loose the sale.

    As others have said, building a great reputation is important, especially in the early stages. Starting with low, yet competitive prices, offering incentives, and bringing that personal touch to each sale creates lasting customers.
  • Yes Britanica, that is an excellent idea. When customers see that they are valued, they will either return or will be sure to tell others of their experience.
  • Always remember it’s not about the price. It’s about the value. Something can be cheap and not a good value. It can turn out to be more expensive in the long run to buy something cheap. Always consider value over price. This is the selling point that most people overlook.
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