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I have a couple forums that I post to, and I didn't know until I found this forum you could sell a space for a signature. I'm thinking about doing this, but I don't know where to start. Where is a good place that I can try and sell my signature on a forum that I post on?
Hello everyone!


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  • People sell reddit accounts on Fiverr. I don't know if they sell other forum accounts, but you could try setting up a gig there. Although, this is the best place I've seen - in fact the only place I've seen - for signature selling in terms of a dedicated site. For what it's worth, I think it's a genius idea.
  • $5 a month seems reasonable, .. cheap enough too see how it goes for a month anyway.

    Fiverr is a good place to check out what forums are available too, they sell all sorts on this.
  • well, this is the best place where to advertise what forum signatures you have.

    what forums are you registered at, how many posts do you have at them and how regularly do you post there?
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  • @Danidavidson can you share links to your profiles at those forums? .. curious :)
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  •, which you can have a signature on. I have at least 100 posts on there. I know that I will have to make way more, but I've been on there for not too long and didn't spend much time on there. So, obviously I would gave to post more so that I could promote on my signature. That is just one of the places that I know that I go on which allows a signature.
    Hello everyone!
  • @Danidavidson .. $5/month for your sig at to promote Sell My Signature forum? .. would love to test it ;)
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  • @BarryScott hmm.. didn't know that.. what can you do with reddit accounts? (never gave it a try)
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  • Honestly, depending on your activity on the forum- I'd go significantly higher than $5.00 a month. If you have at least 1,000 posts already on the forum and make a new post 1 to 2 times a day- your signature should be worth at least $20.00 a month, minimum.
  • @awonderingdawn yes, in the end of a day it is all about the seller and how he/she values his/her time. btw, have you got such a profile in a forum with alexa ranking below 100k?
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  • I have heard of people using Fiverr for this. There are other ways to sell out there but you have to be careful. With places like Fiverr they guarantee their customers satisfaction or you can open a dispute. You can also do virtual transactions on etsy, ebay, and possibly amazon.
  • This forum has been created for this sole reason :) .. and you keep 100% what you sell (well, at least after paypal commissions).
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