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buying user accounts

I'm buying clean user accounts with 1k+ posts at various clean forums (including adult) that allow signatures with links.

$20 for 1k+ posts
$50 for 5k+ posts
$75 for 10k+ posts

pm me here with the link to that particular link.

will not consider accounts at spammy forums.

buying forum profiles with 1k+ posts - pm me here


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  • noninnonin Posts: 5
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    @BarryScott there are loads of spammy forums - any senuke and/or xrumer user will recognise then..

    here is a sample of a page on such an unmanaged forum:

    posts like these mean that:
    // the forum is not-managed
    // there are many posts with keywords "mulberry", "viagra", "payday loans" ao
    // there are no more normal users due to massive amount of spam
    // any link and even text mention will have a negative effect on seo
    // forum is probably being used as a link farm
    // and maybe even has been created to create damage to some competitor (they are hiding their intent behind thousands of spam posts/links)

    here is another one (found it quickly in Google by looking up known spammer "darmowapozyczka" .. try this keyword yourself):

    buying forum profiles with 1k+ posts - pm me here
  • What would you consider a "spammy forum" and what's a "clean forum"?

    Also, what sort of traffic/site size are you looking for? Does it matter? Or are you just looking for backlinks?
  • I'm wondering what a clean forum and clean accounts is too ...
  • @nonin you definitely know what you are talking about ;)
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  • I think it is hard to determine spam forums from clean ones. A lot of forums have spam and it is a shame but that spam brings in more clicks, more traffic, and more views within the forum itself.
  • I do agree with @Nonin - it is very, very easy to tell which forum is spammy and which one isn't as real people run away from spammy forums are slowly they are swallowed by the ways of automated spam messages.
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  • What sort of niche are you wanting for these forum? SEO? Or just any in particular?
  • I never thought about building up and selling accounts. This might be a way to make some money. What forums have the best rates for user accounts?
  • Would you be interested in buying just a link in my signature of a big promotion forum, not an account?
  • @BradR price, link to your account? tx
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