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  • I believe I have an account on the Warrior Forum which had a reasonable amount of posts. If I can get it back, I'd happily just do it for free but won't be posting that often, maybe a few times a day.
  • Yes, as Helmuc said, you're better having a job as a bit of income because if your online business was to fall through, you have something to fall on. Just don't do what I did and go into without an income source.
  • Definitely FP. It offers link advertising in your signature and it allows you to get exposure from all kinds of different people. Great site!
  • @helmuc - Well, I sold it for a few hundred I believe to a friend because I knew I could trust him and didn't want to sell it for wild amounts since it was a friend. It covered the sport niche.
  • @helmuc - That's true but do you think the amount of forums overall has gone up or down?
  • @helmuc - I've heard a lot of Vanilla and it's popularity growing and I think it's very clean, though does lack some features but I can honestly say this forum is pretty much perfect. In terms of vBulletin, I can't say that I have the funds currentl…
  • @helmuc - very true. I guess it's worth trying hard on SEO as it's going to help nonetheless. Do you think it's worth the money spending so much on SEO?
  • @helmuc , what are you looking for do you reckon? Thanks in advance!
  • I had a Facebook group for a year and was able to get over 10,000 members. I was able to sell this and get quite a bit for it. It takes time but it's definitely worth the effort put into it.
  • Twitter is a good place to advertise, no doubt about it but I feel I've had more success from Facebook. What I like to do is advertise on as many as I can so I can get the most exposure.
  • Promotion forums are always useful but stick to your niche. Say you're advertising a sports site then stick to sports forums where you can put your link in your signature. That's the best bit of advice I can give you. Just stick to your niche and do…
  • If you're active on a forum and your link is appearing often on a big forum then it's definitely worth it. You're getting a lot of traffic from it.
  • As said above, no real knowledge is needed in terms of programming when it comes to making a forum because it just involves simple knowledge of how to install it.
  • I have done but no longer do. I used to own a gaming blog and had it for over 2 years though due to a lack of time, I decided to sell it but it was fun while it lasted. Planning to open a new website in the coming future.
  • I tried domain flipping once and was able to pick up a few good domains, however, I wasn't even able to find a buyer for any of them because what I seen as good wasn't good to other people if you get what I mean.
  • I think it's a good idea as long as the site is based on you or someone with that name. It's pointless making a gaming forum, let's say, with the name Brad.
  • That's one excellent domain! I might be interesting in buying this from you. Is $750 a set price for you or can you lower a little? If not, I wish you luck with selling it.
  • Would you be interested in buying just a link in my signature of a big promotion forum, not an account?
  • Yes, as said above, it's all about content. Let's say you put a link out to a blank page, are they likely to return? The answer is no. If the page is full of content which is interesting and high quality, then are they likely to return? Yes! Literal…
  • If you have the money for vBulletin then go for that but if not, go with MyBB. I find vBulletin one of the best softwares and most professional for forums but MyBB is just as good for free. It honestly depends if you're willing to splash the cash.
  • I couldn't agree more with Helmuc. Basically, I'd only say get a .com or let's say a if you live in the UK, or let's say .us if you're in the USA. Anything else like .tk, .org and so on are pretty pointless.
  • It's a nice idea and I can't wait to see this site explode. Honestly, selling signature space is becoming bigger and bigger because people want to advertise their sites in users signatures.
  • There's no easy method, though, I can suggest a few which could take a while but are worth it in the end. Firstly, try putting your link on various promotion forums, this may help you get a few more visitors. The main one is just create content. Cre…